Károly Kovács

Hungarian Water Partnership; Former President, European Water Association, EIP Water Steering Group

Károly Kovács, past-president, European Water Association (EWA); Vice-Chairman of ASEM WATER Academic and Scientific committee, President of Hungarian Water Association; Chairman of Hungarian Water Partnership

Mr. Károly Kovacs is linked to several environmental technology and methodological developments, patents and procedures. As CEO he participated in the design and construction of over 150 municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, in the evaluation and assessment of thousands of kilometres of public sewer and water supply network, in more than a thousand municipalities. Mr. Kovacs played a key role in the design and development of the methodology and guide, for Central and Eastern Europe, known as the Dynamic Cost Comparison Calculation (DCCC), for selecting least-cost solutions in Water Supply and Sanitation projects, and the development and implementation of life cycle cost based public procurement guide. His knowledge and expertise were also essential in the development of the Multipurpose Infrastructure Assessment Database (MIAD) software.


As an ambassador of the value of WATER and related services, he regularly negotiates with professionals, representatives of business, scientific and social sector participating on 20-30 international forums annually as speaker, moderator or trainer.


His special fields of expertise:

  • Water and sanitation infrastructure development
  • Efficiency improvement of water utilities
  • Design, financing and implementation of water, wastewater infrastructure
  • Rainwater management
  • Option analysis using life cycle cost (LCC) based Dynamic Cost Comparison (DCC)
  • Water and wastewater regulatory issues
  • LCC based public tendering procedures
  • Benchmarking
  • Feasibility studies and implementation

Awards: Gold Shaft Cover Award HWA, Pro Environment Award AEE, Pro Environment Award HCE, Change Leader Award BCSDH, Gold Cross of Merit of Hungary,

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