Antitrust Action against Facebook

It’s basically about data protection. As a simple thought experiment shows: when we pay for Facebook, then we pay for our data security, or we don’t pay for it at all, and who knows what they know about us.

The publication by Zsolt Pálmai, International Relations Manager at the Transatlantic Department of the Knowledge Centre, is questioning the ethics of Facebook.

We don’t pay for the product, because we are the product. Have you ever had the feeling that someone spies on you? Or have you ever realised from the ads that the social media knows too much about you?

We often forget the fact that Facebook is a free service, but let’s imagine it isn’t. A simple thought experiment raises a series of questions that illuminate the complexity of the situation: what if the company were to charge a dollar per month for use. Would that near-negligible but at least concrete monthly fee drastically change the way we approach the social media behemoth in terms of our expectations regarding, for example, data privacy, and the general value of the service that we expect to be provided in exchange for our money?

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