Annual Performance – 2500 World’s Top R&D Investors

The world map of R&D investment is very much concentrated: the US, the EU, Japan, China, and the rest of the world. There are different sectors, growth rates, net sales & R&D and employment rates. This was the end of the previous decade.

The topic of the research / survey under reccommendation is the industrial research & development investments in 2019.

The survey of 2500 World’s Top R&D Investors shows us 90% of world’s industrial R&D investments in 2019. It includes EU companies, which cover 25% of the world’s investment in 2019. The 551 EU companies invested €208.3 billion in R&D, an important increase in this period (4.7%), although at a slower pace than in the previous year. It is noticeable that R&D is very concentrated by country and world member states, the top 3 countries account respectively for 63% of the total R&D investment.

Read the full article co-written by Zoltán Cséfalvay, Senior Researcher at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and speaker of Panel III of the think.BDPST.

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