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Our work at the Antall József Knowledge Centre is based first and foremost on good ideas. For an institution providing a wide variety of educational programmes and courses for students and young professionals, being aware of the newest trends and methods is of crucial importance. This is the main reason why we look upon innovation as our main driving force. For us, innovation is about turning outstanding and creative ideas into useful solutions, which help us to make the world around us a better place. Being innovative today is more important than ever before–it is true not only for education, but for all aspects in our lives. This understanding of innovation has been the idea behind the conceptualisation of this conference. think.BDPST is not only an academic conference, where the best and internationally well-acknowledged scholars and entrepreneurs can represent their newest ideas, it is a platform and annual meeting point of those senior and younger decision makers, scholars, investors, thinkers and innovators, who are keen to develop themselves and the world around us, have critical approach towards certain issues, and are ready to make a difference.

Our aim with this conference was to create a bridge between different sectors and disciplines and an environment, where they can meet, understand, and discuss different questions, while also sharing good practices and knowledge. With this event, we aim to make Budapest a Central European hub of innovative ideas, brilliant thinkers, and great minds.

We would like to express our gratitude to our partners, who are supporting this initiative and us in this mission.

We hope you will enjoy think.BDPST 2020 and broaden your horizons in topics such as the regulation of tech giants and its future effects or the new perspectives that 5G can provide for Central Europe.

Join us, enjoy the think.BDPST experience, learn about the newest trends and ideas, while also getting motivated and inspired through lively discussions of our outstanding speakers, lecturers, and exhibitors.

See you soon at the conference!

The think.BDPST Team

A Glimpse into the Future