The year of 2020 was extremely challenging for all of us. We, the team behind the annually organised conference series focusing on innovation, believe that well-implemented digital solutions, innovative ideas, and international cooperation in technological development might play a crucial role in the recovery period. The pandemic forced us to move several areas of our lives online: communication with our loved-ones, work meetings, and official tasks of our everyday life have also been conducted online. Our first and most important source of information is the internet (social media in particular); we share our personal data in the online world—practically, everything can be done online. Less is known about the effects and potentials that digitalisation can have in our life. This year, topics connected to e-governance, digital awareness, and e-commerce will be discussed with the assistance of internationally acknowledged experts.

Who are the netizens? What can we do against infodemic? How the Central European region can face the challenges of data privacy? Can we trust the online world? Are we digitally aware enough of what is happening with our data? What can governments do to build digital trust?

The panel discussions of think.BDPST 2021 will lead you into the world of e-governance to find out how digitalisation can bring transparency, efficiency, and save costs for the government. The broken information ecology and its countering will also be discussed, taking into account good practices that are successful against fake news. The concerns about data security and the possibility of a new social contract on the questions of business and individual data privacy will be also debated.

We believe that innovation is the driving force behind making the world a better and safer place.

Being innovative today is more important than ever before—it is true not only for education, but for all aspects in our lives. This understanding of innovation was the idea behind the conceptualisation of this conference. think.BDPST is not only an academic conference, where the best and internationally well-acknowledged scholars and entrepreneurs can represent their newest ideas, it is a platform and annual meeting point of those senior and younger decision makers, scholars, investors, thinkers, and innovators, who are keen to develop themselves and the world around us, have critical approach towards certain issues, and are ready to make a difference.

With this event, Budapest has become a Central European hub of innovative ideas, brilliant thinkers, and great minds.

We would like to express our gratitude to our partners, who are supporting this initiative and us in this mission.

We hope that you will enjoy think.BDPST 2021, which will be available online also this year.

Join us, enjoy the think.BDPST experience, learn about the newest trends and ideas, while also getting motivated and inspired through lively discussions of our outstanding speakers, lecturers, and exhibitors.

See you soon at the conference!

The think.BDPST Team

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