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Our latest podcast in Hungarian features Privacy and Data Security Attorney Dr András Cseternics.

In addition to the accelerated pace of digital transformation, data protection demands more and more attention from users. Overcoming challenges that bring about changes and affect the individual and the whole of society requires conscious and continuous preparation, where the legislative body has a particularly important role. The expansion of opportunities to attend to tasks digitally, which became even more prominent with the outbreak of the pandemic, increases the risk of privacy breaches, which could be diminished through digital awareness reinforced on the individual and entrepreneurial levels. Creating trust in digital transformation is essential to maintain and develop a well-working governmental system. The reason for this is that the basis of digital trust is the social recognition of governance built on digital solutions, while the responsibility of data protection rests not only on the government and enterprises, but on the individuals too. Legally speaking, how can challenges related to data protection be handled? What path leads to creating digital trust? What is the difference between lawful and unlawful surveillance? Find out from our latest think.BDPST podcast!


  • Dr András Csenterics LL.M., Privacy and Data Security Attorney, Réti, Várszegi & Partners Law Firm – PwC Legal
  • Norbert Miklós, International Relations Manager, Global Relations Department, Antall József Knowledge Centre

NOTE: Please kindly note that the below podcast is in Hungarian.


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