Estonia at think.BDPST

Giants of digitalisation at think.BDPST! Meet the creators of the world’s coolest digital society, e-Estonia, first time together on stage in Hungary!

Join us for the sixth instalment of our strategic conference on innovation, think.BDPST – Connect to the Future, to be held on 14 October 2021. This year’s conference will revolve around the topic of e-governance and analyse the possible scenarios of increasing digitalisation in public affairs in terms of the state of information ecology and data security. Good practices against fake news and a possible new social contract on protecting the data of companies and individuals will also be discussed by the most impressive and competent Estonian technology gurus. The welcoming remarks will be delivered by Andres Sutt, who serves as Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology in the current Estonian Cabinet. We are also pleased to welcome among the invited speakers Taavi Kotka, Information Visionary, who, as a citizen of the world’s leading digital society, will hold a fascinating keynote lecture on his experiences with e-governance. The first panel will be opened by the speech of HE Heli Tiirma-Klaar, Ambassador at Large for Cyber Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia. The National Digital Advisor at the Government Office of Estonia, Marten Kaevats, will also participate in this year’s conference. As an expert on the information society and digital governance, he will participate in a discussion on the road to e-governance in the Visegrad Countries.

In the next panel discussion, Merle Maigre, Senior Cyber Security Expert at Estonia’s e-Governance Academy, will introduce us to the world of digital privacy, covering topics such as digital trust, good governance, surveillance abuse, and digital awareness. Representing the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia, Kristi Talving, Deputy Secretary General for Business and Consumer Environment, will share her thoughts on the future of sustainable businesses in the post—COVID-era in the third panel. Last but not least, Karoliina Ainge will contribute her expertise to the discussion on polarisation and fake news as a speaker of the fourth panel. As Cybersecurity and Technology Lead at Independent Diplomat, she will provide a deeper insight into one of the most popular terms of today: infodemic.

Register and learn more about the topics and join us online on 14 October 2021.

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