About the Conference

Organised annually by the Antall József Knowledge Centre in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary and with the support of the International Visegrad Fund, think.BDPST is a strategic conference on innovation, analysing technological developments from the perspective of international relations, security, and society. In 2021, the conference will be realised as part of the V4 presidency programme of Hungary. This year, e-governance, the post-pandemic rebuilding of the economy, and digital awareness will be discussed. 

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Connect to the Future

In 2021, the conference will put e-governance in the spotlight. The pandemic has showed us that information and communication technology have become significant tools in our everyday life, including the public sector. The panels and lectures will debate the role of digital transformation in our lives and the ways in which digitalisation can improve the public and private sectors. The pandemic accelerated the uptake of e-commerce. The conference will, therefore, also analyse the effects of digitalisation on economic recovery. Stay tuned for details on the programme. Until you wait, read the summary of last year’s event!

2020 Event


Giants of digitalisation at think.BDPST! Meet the creators of the world’s coolest digital society, e-Estonia, first time together on stage in Hungary!

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