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29 Mar 2018 , 15:15 - 16:45 @

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Modalgo is a two-way travel and transport data brokerage platform. It is driven by personal journey data that travellers themselves gather on a gamified travel app. It makes profit from transport stakeholders who subscribe to this interactive source of rich data and insights. We believe that people - individual travellers - are the most sophisticated and powerful moving parts in the transport system. Just think of how many choices and decisions you make before, during, and after any journey: not only where you are going, but also by what routes, by what forms of transport, at what times and with whom you travel. Now put yourself in the position of any of the organisations or services which could have an effect on your journey. How much do they know about your trip? Say you use a journey planner, a travel smartcard and a navigation app. Maybe parts of your journey are picked up by sensor systems across roads and public transport. All the fragmented data this creates for different transport organisations doesn't give them any sort of view of what they call your "end-to-end journey." So they have very little context for improving their services to you and making transport more efficient and less annoying: more "connected." Modalgo places the individual traveller at the heart of connected transport. Our game app can motivate you to collect your own travel data and then share it with transport organisations which you think will make your travel experience better. The first aspect of this will be a mobile travel game which works on your phone. It tracks how you travel and returns all that data to you in useful, interesting, and entertaining ways: a colourful, interactive account of your travels, which you can compare to that of other people and get rewards for. You can also add your own observations and stories - to reflect your reasons for and your opinions of your different journeys. The second motivation is the opportunity to engage, easily, with some of the transport organisations you think can make travel better for you and other people. Our principle of Data Independence and Portability means you will have full and transparent control over this sharing of data and insights round your travel. The Modalgo platform will manage all the data and information travellers generate, collect, play with, and share.

Other speakers

László Arany

Managing Director


Jeroen Bastiaanssen

PhD Candidate

Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds

Anat Lea Bonshtien

Chairman and Director

Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative, Office of the Prime Minister of Israel

Tomáš Cholinský

Project Manager

Dronet Plzen

Dr Jacob Cohen

Chief Scientist

NASA Ames Research Center

HE Dr Zoltán Cséfalvay

Permanent Representative of Hungary to the OECD

Ralf Diemer

Head of Brussels Office and Head of European Affairs Department

German Association of the Automotive Industry

Zoltán Dunai

Country Manager

Stadler Rail Group

Bartosz Dziugieł

Professor Assistant

Institute of Aviation

Bethan Garner

Future Mobility Design and Transformation Consultant


Tommaso Gecchelin

Founder, Inventor and CTO

NEXT Future Transportation Inc

Karel J Golta


Indeed Innovation GmbH

Květoslav Havlík

Coordinator of South Moravian Integrated Public Transport System


Vik Kachoria

President and CEO

Spike Aerospace Inc.

Bálint Kádár


Department of Urban Planning and Design, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Wang Gu Kang


UVARC, Korea Aerospace Research Institute

Patrik Križanský


Emocity-Cluster for Smart City

Chang Whan Ma

Deputy Minister for Planning and Coordination

Ministry of Science and ICT, Republic of Korea

Levente Magyar

Deputy Minister

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary

György Matolcsy


National Bank of Hungary

Michal Mazúr

PwC Drone Consultancy

Máté Mester

Tech Strategy, Policy and Regulatory Expert

Robert Missen

Head of Unit

DG MOVE, Innovation & Research, European Commission

Young Jun Moon

Chief Director

Korea Transport Institute

Dániel Mráz

CEO Financial and Business Development Area

Prolan Group

Anton Ondrej

HR Director

Kia Motors Slovakia

Laura Paál

Senior Director

GE Digital

Dr József Pálinkás


National Research, Development and Innovation Office Hungary

Dániel Palotai

Executive Director & Chief Economist

National Bank of Hungary

Radim Polčák

Head of Institute

Institute of Law and Technology, Masaryk University

Jens Redmer

Principal for New Products


Attila Süle-Szigeti

HR & Marketing Lead

STILL Hungary

Tamás Szabó

Director of Product Management


Dr Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky

Deputy Mayor

Municipality of the City of Budapest

Kornél Szepessy


HungaroControl Ltd

Teodor Varga

Levente Varga

Founder and CEO


Zsófia Végh


Budapest Business Journal

Dávid Vitézy


Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport

Lord David Willetts

Board Member

UK Research and Innovation

David Winickoff


Working Party on Bio-, Nano- and Converging Technologies, OECD