Radim Polcak

We are pleased to let you know that Radim Polcak will participate again in the Young Leaders’ Forum of think.BDDPST.

At the 2018 event, Radim Polcak will speak in the panel discussion revolving around the ways in which development of transportation affects our legal system.

Radim Polcak, head of the Institute of Law and Technology at the Law Faculty at Masaryk University and speaker of the third think.BDPST Young Leaders’ Forum, is an outstanding expert of cyberlaw and connected issues. In his recent book, entitled Information Sovereignty, Mr Polcak, together with Dan J B Svantesson, is analysing the sovereignty of the Internet. How are sovereignty, information and privacy connected and how do cybersecurity and cross-border processing of data affect the traditional (territorial) understanding of sovereignty? This book provides a broad overview of these questions and helps the reader understand the nature of the Internet from a legal point of view.

You may read the article here.