HE Kristi Karelsohn

Estonian Ambassador to Hungary

Ambassador Kristi Karelsohn graduated from the University of Tartu with a degree in Estonian Philology in 1993 and from the Estonian School of Diplomacy in 1994. The same year, Karelsohn joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she has worked in the departments of state protocol and foreign economic policy, and in the international organisations division of the political department. She has also worked in the embassies of Riga and Helsinki as an economic diplomat. From 2010 to 2014, Karelsohn was the head of trade policy and international economic organisations division of the Foreign Ministry’s external economic and development cooperation department. She was the Estonian Ambassador to Ireland from August 2014 until summer 2018. From 2018, she has been serving as the Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to Hungary and Montenegro and, from 2019, to Bosnia and Herzegovina and to Republic of North Macedonia as well.


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Panel IV

Securing Our Democracies in the Digital Realm

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Panel IV

Securing our Democracies in the Digital Realm

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