About Us


Dear Visitor,

On 28-29 March 2018, Hungary will host the third think.BDPST conference, a unique forum for strategic dialogue on how technological development and innovation influence our economies, societies and security in a rapidly changing world. After two successful events, think.BDPST in 2018 will take place under the auspices of the Hungarian Presidency of the Visegrad Group, focusing on the future of transport, smart cities and urban innovation. The conference will be attended by notable speakers and participants from the business world, the academia, politics and the NGO sector from around the world, guaranteeing inclusive and innovative discussions.

think.BDPST also contributes to presenting Hungary and Central Europe as an ideal destination for future-oriented investments, profiting from the vibrant scientific community and start-up ecosystem present in Budapest. Hungary would like to become an ideal location for research & development and would like to offer the most attractive and most favourable investment environment in Europe. This requires the most rapid possible linking of digitalisation and production and a transition from ‘Made in Hungary’ to ‘Invented in Hungary’, meaning companies should not only think about investing in Hungary with relation to production and manufacturing, but also when it comes to research and development.

The conference is organised by the Antall József Knowledge Centre, an independent non-governmental organisation named after József Antall, the first freely elected Prime Minister of Hungary after the fall of Communism, which supports the intellectual development and research activities of students, researchers and young professionals. think.BDPST enjoys the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary and the International Visegrad Fund, the Visegrad Group’s common institution.

I invite you to take part in this unique event in Budapest and ‘connect to the future’.

Péter Szijjártó
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary